I’m not a big fan of bikini diets etc but lets face it, most of us go into mild panic at the thought of being in a bikini or even shorts. I think that whatever size you are, if you have the confidence to wear shorts or bikinis or swimwear on the beach/in public then you absolutely should. Whatever size you are, you should wear what you feel comfortable in especially if it fits well and you feel good in it.

Whilst I don’t agree that people should go on drastic diets to lose weight for holidays etc, people do and will continue to do so for a very long time because they feel they should lose half a stone for the beach or poolside. Losing weight quickly means that over the holiday, you will put it all back on if not more (depending on how much you lose). Most of the initial weight loss is water rather than fat which is optimal.

If you are going on holiday soon and not feeling very confident about your body, here are my top 3 tips to help you. They’re also great to carry on whilst you’re on holiday and when you get home:

1. Cut out the junk food. Sugar, wheat and gluten can all cause us to feel bloated and generally less confident about ourselves. Also, eating less processed food and more real food will lead to a reduced intake of carbohydrate. This is more optimal for fat burning as fat keeps you fuller for longer meaning you eat less overall.

2. Drink water and only water (a cup of black coffee is ok each day). When we drink something other than water, we instantly drink calories which are often forgotten about. Some of the high street coffee shops serve frappacinos and similar with over 500 calories in it. That’s a lot for one drink! Fizzy drinks are also high in sugar (empty calories) or artificial sweeteners which encourage fat storage around the middle.

Water can help you feel better and improve productivity

Water can help you feel better and improve productivity

3. Move. Doesn’t have to be running or going to the gym but just moving more and being more active. There are a lot of muscles in the body which we don’t use because we don’t even realise they’re there. Just a 15 minute walk at lunchtime will boost your productivity in the afternoon, manage food cravings better and between April and October, get you some much needed vitamin D.

What are your favourite ways of boosting your confidence? I’d love to hear them


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