Last weekend, I was in Cumbria with friends and at a music festival. It was a great weekend, there is no denying it but from a food point of view it was disastrous. Instead of feeling guilty about it, I’m accepting that there will be times like this and there’s no point dwelling on it. You need to move on rather than let the guilt consume you.

The view from the field in Cumbria towards the sea

The view from the field in Cumbria towards the sea

What I found particularly interesting was that I existed pretty much on carbs and on the Saturday, I was so hungry all day long. I’d been for a 3 mile run in the morning but running that far was not going to make me that hungry. I would eat and then an hour or 2 later was starving again. It was the kind of hunger that you could ignore for long because my blood sugars had dropped pretty quickly. This is what living on carbs does to you. Sound familiar? Being at a festival was not going to lead to healthy eating so it was pretty much toast, pizza and pie but nothing could keep me full until I got the protein of the meat in the pie.

Compared to what I normally eat, that day was severely lacking in protein (and other nutrients too as obviously there was no fruit or veg). No wonder I was so hungry all the time. Whilst the NHS don’t recommend that pizza and pie feature regularly in your diet, they do recommend a high carb diet but I ate far more that day than I do some days when I eat a high protein high fat diet.

The point I’m making is that most people still live on high carb diets and try to starve themselves and eat less when in actual fact if they eat more fat and protein and less carbs then they will immediately start to feel better, be less hungry and have better blood sugar control. Plus, you’re taste buds soon change pretty quickly and you realise most carbs don’t taste that nice at all.

Have you ditched the carbs and started to feel better? Let me know!


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