At the end of last month I decided I would give up drinking alcohol for July. I’m not really sure why, it just seemed like a good idea. I can’t promise it will be totally alcohol free but a week in and I’m still going strong despite a night out.

July started with the hottest days of the year, everyone drinking beer to cool down and kindly sharing their pictures. I settled for ice cold sparkling water. I like sparkling water. It’s my drink of choice when I’m not drinking and want a treat but all those beers did look nice and refreshing too. To be honest, I’m not really missing alcohol at all now and it’s lovely waking up after a night out feeling fresh.

Nights out when you’re sober are very different to nights out drinking. Obviously, I know the damage binge drinking and getting drunk does to your body. I don’t particularly enjoy hangovers and feel it’s a waste of precious time to spend half the day feeling terrible so I try and avoid them at all costs. That said, it took a bit of getting used to being stone cold sober on a Saturday night. Most of the people we were surrounded by were drunk…there seemed to be a large number of people who were very drunk or was that just my perception being sober?

If I’m honest, I think in some ways Saturday night was a better night out. There are many benefits to being sober including being able to drive home, saving a fortune on drinks, no hangover the next day and remembering everything that happened. There are also some downsides!!! You realise just how disgusting places get when people are spilling drinks everywhere and are much more aware of other people’s behaviour towards you and your friends.

I’m not sure I’ll give up alcohol completely but I do think that my attitude has changed quite a lot and I like knowing exactly what’s going on around me and then being hangover free the next day. Even if you don’t drink a lot, you’ll still feel the effects of alcohol especially in terms of sleep quality.

To be honest, I expected to feel more benefits from giving up alcohol especially around sleep. I’ve had one good night’s sleep since I gave up which is disappointing. However, I am definitely feeling slimmer which is partly down to reducing alcohol but also eating really well too. I’m sure over the rest of the month, I’ll notice more changes.

Have you given up alcohol before? Did it make you change your drinking habits?