You read that, fat really can make you thin. Not only do I have lots of anecdotal evidence from clients who have started eating more fat and found their weight decreasing but also, there are numerous studies (see References) to support it too.

The concept that fat was bad and caused heart disease and obesity came from a study by Ancel Keys in the 1950s which was then misinterpreted and the results skewed to show that it was eating a diet high in carbohydrates which was protective. This led to our current eating advice of avoiding fat especially saturated fat and increasing carbohydrates to reduce the risk of heart disease.

The Eatwell plate was then designed to be a pictorial representation of what we should be including and in what proportions to our diets

Our current eatwell plate


The Eatwell plate (commonly known as the Eatbadly plate) is very high in carbohydrates. When you consider that fruit and vegetables are also carbohydrates and add that to the third of the plate which is starchy carbohydrates and then the food and drinks high in fat and/ or sugar, over two thirds of the plate is carbohydrate. The body doesn’t particularly recognise carbs from different sources as being any different. Ultimately, they are all being broken down into sugar and then stored as fat. That’s not to say you shouldn’t eat fruit and vegetables but consider how much total carbohydrate you are eating.

The thing with carbs is that you have to eat quite a lot of them to not feel hungry especially if you try and stick to the advised 3 meals a day. When you eat more protein and fat, you eat less because it is more filling. It may have more calories than carbs but overall you’ll generally eat less. It’s much harder to overeat on protein than it is carbs. Think how easy a bowl of pasta and cheese goes down compared to if you had the same weight in chicken or steak.

I’m not saying to avoid carbs completely but consider where they come from and increase your fat intake. Fat rich foods also contain more nutrients meaning your body will crave less food. When we crave food, part of it is psychological but some times, our bodies need a specific mineral. Also, foods high in fat are generally low in sugar (avoiding junk food) and are real foods meaning they’re actually going to nourish our bodies not make us sick.

Have you switched to a higher protein diet and found it’s made a difference? Let me know!