Health, wellbeing and wellness are everywhere. You can’t escape the daily articles about the latest good or bad thing to do to improve health and wellbeing but it gets confusing. One week something is good and the next it’s bad. As a nutritionist, my job is to keep up with all of this and understand the science behind it.

One the things that confuses people most is what to eat. They understand that some exercise is good for you, sleep is important, drinking too much isn’t great and smoking isn’t healthy either but when it comes to food, this seems to confuse people the most. Having a simple, easy to follow menu plan can help with this. It helps take away some of the confusion that most of the public are faced with. Are fats bad or are carbs bad? Should we eat fruit or not? The menu plan can help people see what kinds of food to eat and how much too.

Improving the eating habits of staff helps save money through reduced illness. A report by Public Health England found that for every 1000 employees, obesity could be costing as much as £126,000 per year. There’s also the jobs that people may find more difficult and the fact that people eating poor diets can have worse immune systems too making them susceptible to germs. Poor diet can also contribute to poor mental health which is a growing concern to employers. Mental health related illness is estimated to cost the economy £70billion per year.

Through changing employee’s diets, we can also reduce the risk of them developing lifestyle diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and some cancers. These diseases affect slim, seemingly healthy people too but by changing our diet and lifestyle, we can reduce the risk of developing these.

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