This week, I pre recorded a short interview for Radio Sheffield to discuss the latest proposals for taxing fizzy drinks. I was asked if I thought they should be and would it work? Yes, I do think they should be but I don’t think it will work. If someone wants to drink fizzy drinks then they will regardless of price. Look at the cost of cigarettes for example. The price of those has risen substantially over the past few years yet many people still smoke despite various initiatives.

Taxing fizzy drinks is not going to solve the obesity epidemic we have. I can’t imagine the extra money raised from taxing drinks will raise that much towards the £47 billion a year it costs the NHS for obesity and related illnesses/complications. However, some money is better than no money and I truly believe that if something bankrupts the NHS it will be obesity.

As someone who rarely ever drinks fizzy drinks, it’s not going to affect me but even for someone who drinks 2 litres a day (not recommended) the average price of a 2 litre bottle will increase from £1.85 to £2.22 which is an increase of 37p. Is that likely to stop someone who is addicted to fizzy drinks buying them? NO! There is also no mention of whether supermarkets can still offer these drinks in special offers and deals. I’m not even sure that raising the cost by £1 per bottle would make a huge difference.

The problem is, fizzy drinks are addictive. Regular versions contain sugar which is addictive, diet versions contain sweeteners and nasty ingredients which are also addictive. Switching to diet versions won’t save your teeth or your waist line because of the ingredients used. There isn’t really a way to put a healthy spin on them anymore as more evidence is found showing that diet drinks are just as damaging to your health. So ultimately, the best thing to do for wallet and your health is to just stop buying them!

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