Recently, I’ve had a few people talking about weight loss groups and weighing up their options of whether they work with me or join a weight loss group. Weight loss groups do work for some people but they are based on people losing weight, leaving, gaining weight back and then rejoining. The vast majority of people do this. Some will try every club and diet going and just rotate between them all, otherwise find one and stick to it but never have the courage to leave and do things by themselves.

Some of the groups have their own range of products which quite frankly, are full of absolute rubbish. Have you looked on the back of the pack?? There are several ingredients which can’t be pronounced and many that shouldn’t be in there. If you made the product at home, you would use a lot less ingredients and a lot more real ingredients which had a more positive effect on the body.

Yes, they are cheaper than a session with me but that’s because the person at the front of the room has virtually no nutritional knowledge. Most of the companies require you to have been a member and lost weight. That’s it. You don’t need to know anything about nutrition or biology to take a class. Personally, I find that shocking and dangerous. Nutritionists and dietitians spend 3 years studying and then constantly study further. We give the best advice which is tailored to you and we understand the science behind it. There will be differences because we have different opinions and you’ll generally find those working privately work differently to the NHS and many private practitioners now follow a much lower carbohydrate diet.

The benefit of a slimming club is the accountability but how many people don’t go when they’ve had a bad week? How much does your leader know about you as a person? By working 1 to 1 with clients, I build up a relationship with them. They share things with me which will affect their eating habits or may be triggers so we can work on those things and create action plans to prevent binge eating or another emotional response to food and stress.

Ultimately, slimming clubs are not about health and health is what we need to focus on. The number on the scale is irrelevant if you eat a poor diet. These clubs don’t necessarily encourage people to eat well. Lots of members will cheat and eat rubbish but as it’s still within the number of points or syns they can have then as far as they’re concerned that’s ok but what about the long term damage? The long terms damage of not eating real, healthy, unprocessed food is huge. This article¬†shows that in just 2 weeks of eating junk food, gut health was compromised. The current health crisis we have is as a result of many years of junk food consumption.

Real food over processed should be our focus

Real food over processed should be our focus

Have you tried a slimming club? Was it successful? What are your thoughts on slimming clubs and diet products?