I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and festive period with friends and family celebrating. How do you feel after Christmas? Fat and bloated? Or healthy and full of life? I suspect it’s not the latter. For many, Christmas is a time of excess followed by that horrible fat, sluggish, bloated, can’t move feeling. Whilst I haven’t been perfect this festive period (yes, nutritionists like mince pies and chocolate too!), I certainly haven’t overeaten like I have in previous years and I feel 100% better for not doing so!

As January the 1st rapidly approaches and people’s thoughts turn to New Year and resolutions, losing weight is one that tends to feature quite frequently. But ask yourself this question, how many years has losing weight been your New Year’s resolution? I suspect for many it’s more than just 2016 and 2015. What if there was a different way? A way that meant:

no more dieting,

no more diet foods,

no more counting calories,

no more shakes or

starving yourself

no more feeling rubbish, tired, bloated, unable to lose weight

The reason so many weight loss New Year’s resolutions fail is because they are too restrictive but have no structure or goal. People don’t know how much weight they want to lose they just want to lose weight. You can’t tell your sat nav you want to go somewhere and not put in the destination. It won’t take you anywhere and it’s the same with a goal. You need to know where point B is. Also, you need to change your mindset and believe you can rather think thinking you can’t or it’s difficult or you’ll try. Those kind of words are too negative and non committal. Your brain finds it difficult to know what to do because there is no firm instruction and goal.

It’s also important to focus on the health benefits of changing your diet and lifestyle not just weight loss. Eliminating inflammatory foods and identifying which foods make you feel good and which don’t is important but can be difficult without the right plan to support you. It’s also important to have a plan for reintroducing foods and continuing your health journey otherwise this plan is just like all the others which help you lose weight and improve your health and then that’s it. You’re left in the lurch wondering what to do to maintain your progress.

Let me introduce you to the January Kickstart Program. This is a program that runs for 30 days to help you

  • create change with your relationship with food
  • eliminate inflammatory foods
  • improve your health
  • increase energy
  • decrease bloating
  • lose weight
  • understand what food actually does to your body

Sound like what you need? To be the first to gain access to the program, join the mailing list here or sign up for the webinar to learn more on 4th January here

Happy New Year!

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