On Friday, I went to Cheltenham for a CPD (Continuous Professional Development) day put on by Cytoplan. They are the supplement company I recommend  to clients because they are one of the only food state supplement companies around in the UK. Aside from the fact the food was brilliant especially for those of us avoiding lots of wheat and processed sugary food, the day was brilliant. Here is a short summary of what I learnt.

The main focus of the day was type 2 diabetes and gut health. We had 2 talks from 2 NHS GPs who were a breath of fresh air compared to many I hear about. These were GPs who still see patients but understand the health challenges we’re facing and the fact that we need to change our dietary advice to help people.

The first talk on gut health focused on how poor our gut health now is for a variety of reasons. Poor gut health contributes to many of today’s chronic conditions. From mental health to obesity to skin conditions, the gut is a likely contributory factor. One of the problems is that we have a lot less diversity in the bugs living in our guts now. This affects our immune systems and is a contributory factor to the rise in food intolerances. Fixing your gut is just part of a wider strategy to improve overall health. Many of our lifestyle choices also affect gut health for example:

  • Stress
  • Diet
  • Medication use especially antibiotics
  • Environmental factors

So what can we do about this? The answer is to change our lifestyles. Just changing your diet alone isn’t always enough. Managing stress and reducing antibiotic use will help an awful lot. It may be necessary to supplement with a good quality probiotic too in order to restore the balance back between the good and bad bacteria. Cutting out gluten and dairy may also help. However, this should be done with supervision from a qualified practitioner.

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