I’m always told that it’s difficult to eat well when you’re on the road so I put it to the test to see if you can. This weekend I was at a seminar so the perfect opportunity to try it out. Although we were staying in a hotel and based at one too, food wasn’t included in the weekend so I went prepared as you can see in the picture below.

Our snacks for the weekend

Our snacks for the weekend

Quite simply, you can eat healthily without spending a fortune. You just have to be a bit more organised and stop making excuses. I’ve made the same excuses as everyone else but it comes down to 1 thing, get out of your own way and just be more organised! Often when clients go away, they’re less conscious of food choices which is fine for a holiday but if you’re regularly travelling for work or on the road a lot, it’s useful to know how to manage it. Here are my top tips and some things I ate:

1. Hard boil eggs and store in a cold bag with ice block in the car
2. Avocados are great foods to take wherever you go as they require no fridge. Cut in half but keep the stone in then stick back together and wrap up ready to just scopp out the flesh.
3. Yeo valley pots of yoghurt
4. Selection pack of cheeses
5. Pre sliced Rye bread with avocado and peanut butter/ avocado and pre boiled egg
6. Boots and sainsburys sell individual pots of veg sticks and dip
7. Food doctor bars which are low sugar and not full of too much rubbish. A lot of the Nak’d, PulsInn etc bars are full of sugar even though they’re marekted as healthy
8. Merchant gourmet sachets and pots. You have these cold or hot and great to keep in the car for when you need them. Grab some pre cooked chicken and you have a filling meal
9. Oatcakes
10. Seed shots

lunch on the go

Lunch on the go

Eating well on the go simply requires a little planning and preparation. Leave some ambient food in your car so there’s always something to eat. Soups are great in flasks for the winter and preparing a salad the night before is good for warmer weather if you have a cool bag to keep it call. I found buying a salad and a pack of cooked chicken also worked well when I had access to a supermarket. What I noticed particularly was that eating well at lunchtime and avoiding lots of sugar/white carbs helped keep energy levels high and focus too.
My number 1 piece of advice if you’re going to be travelling often is never leave home without something that would make up a meal. By doing this, you’ll never be in a position to be hungry and having to resort to fast food etc.

avocado sandwich

Avocado sandwich

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