Last night I was watching a very interesting video which was mainly targeted at business owners but got me thinking a lot about the health and wellness industry. In this video, it was saying that by January 17th most people have given up on their New Year’s resolution and that the vast majority of people who start something never finish it. Why? Because the pain is not enough to make them want the prize whether that’s financial or a physical transformation etc.

This is really relevant to weight loss and health. If your doctor told you you had a curable disease but you must change your diet for you not to die then most people would do it but, most people go through life unaware of quite how big an impact poor lifestyle has on their health. The motivation to change isn’t always there because the pain of changing can be too much or we just don’t have a strong enough why to make us change. The change and desire to change has to come from within. It might be prompted by a comment from someone but it has to be you that decides to make the change, whether that’s to lose weight, get fit, quite your job and go self employed or take your business to the next level.

Yesterday, I posted a video on Facebook about what your why is. My why for doing what I do is because I’m passionate about real food and helping people to experience life changing results by improving their lifestyle. What I realised is that a lot of the work I do is on mindset as this is key to success in anything. It’s an aspect that will be included more in the online programs too as they launch over the course of the year. I want clients to actually see results that do change their lives not just buy another program and never look at it.

So why don’t diets and weight loss groups work? Weight loss groups do work for a while if you religiously go and follow the plan but most people find this hard to do all the time because it doesn’t become a lifestyle more just a way of life. Aside from Lighter Life, I’m unaware of any groups which tackle behaviour change and mindset too. These are the key factors determining your success at losing weight. Believing that you can and that you deserve to be healthy make the dietary and lifestyle changes much easier.

Diets in particular tend not to work well when they’re very strict. Being on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean you are choosing the most nutritious foods. 2000 Calories worth of chocolate has a very different effect to 2000 Calories worth of real nutritious food such as eggs, chicken, salmon, vegetables, avocado, nuts etc. Ultimately having a balance is important but for many that balance doesn’t stay in balance and can lead to weight gain. Diets are generally viewed as short term fix too. Someone will have a goal in place to lose a certain amount of weight but after that, the weight often goes back on again. Making goals for health is much more effective and viewing this as a lifestyle not a diet helps you to see the changes as long term.

2000 Calories of chocolate offers little nutrition compared to real food

2000 Calories of chocolate offers little nutrition compared to real food

I definitely believe that many people fail to lose weight and keep it off because of underlying self doubt and negativity. We have such low opinions of ourselves and subconsciously don’t believe we do deserve health and wellness. On the surface, if someone asked you “Do you deserve to be healthy?” we would all answer yes but our behaviours and our subconscious thoughts are not always matched up to that conscious thought. Without changing your subconscious message to yourself, making any kind of change in an area of life becomes incredibly difficult.

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