When I studied at uni, the emphasis was very much on high carb, low fat diets. At the time, I thought that was best for health, weight and disease risk but since then, things have changed a lot! I’m passionate about real food and educating people on why they should make that switch too.

Often, we’re perceived as being crazy, promoting a fad or endangering people’s health but, here’s the question:

If real food was so bad for us, why has it been around for so long?

What I class as real food is meat, fish, some organic dairy, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. These foods which are not processed and either found growing above/below ground or graze on the land or swim in the sea. If it doesn’t come in that form then we shouldn’t be eating it regularly. That basically excludes sugary foods, beige carbs such as bread and pasta and any other forms of junk food.

A range of foods and colours is beneficial to health

A range of foods and colours is beneficial to health


Yet this approach is seen as quite radical by many NHS based nutritionist and dietitians. Why? It’s only eating the food that’s most natural which is going to have the most positive effect on our health. I see so many people are made ill by following a high carb diet in the belief it’s the best for their health but it’s actually making them very ill. We can only cope with so much carbohydrate before our bodies become overloaded. When we consistently do that, we become more at risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

When I see the changes that people can make to their health, it frustrates that we still tell people to reduce saturated fat intake, eat low fat food, eat high carbohydrate diets. Essentially, we just need to change our health message to eat more real food. The calorie/point/syns counting can then stop. Our rates of heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes will drop and as a nation we will become happier and healthier.

I’m not on my own in this fight to get people to change their diets. Some of the health professionals I work with share my views and so do many other nutritionists and real food campaigners. Eventually, we will see changes in the EatWell plate and national dietary guidelines but in the meantime, I urge you to look at your diet and see how much of it is real food.

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