It might be cold outside and wearing a bikini is the last thing on your mind but summer will be here before you know it. I had this realisation myself when I looked through my diary and saw it’s only a few weeks away until I go on holiday. Most people want to lose weight before a holiday especially after Christmas when healthy habits may have slipped a bit and clothes are feeling a little tighter. So, you need to start now!

Apparently, by January 17th, most have given up on New Year’s resolutions so if that’s you then scrap the resolutions and start again. Start by making healthier choices and ban the word “diet” from your vocabulary. Diet is a short terms thing not a long term thing and how nice would it be to never have to think about losing weight again because you remain consistently healthy? That is actually possible! It also doesn’t mean you eat nothing but lettuce all year round.

Yes, you can drop a stone in a month and I’m sure there are products out there that claim you can drop more than that. The thing with such rapid weightloss is it generally doesn’t last because once you stop, all the weight plus more goes back on. I’ve never known anyone to go on holiday and resist all the temptation of ice cream, alcohol and nice meals out. That doesn’t mean you have to go crazy though. I’ve found that I still enjoy all these things just in moderation and as result, don’t normally gain more than 1lb or 2 on holiday.

Even if you’re holiday isn’t until later in the year or not even booked, now is the time to start working on your body. It isn’t about being a size 8, it’s about being confident in your bikini or a pair of shorts and feeling great. I don’t believe that we should dictate to women what size they should be to wear a bikini but I do passionately believe women should feel confident in whatever they choose to wear. So whether you do want to be a size 8 or 10 or whether you just want to feel more confident and healthier, read on for some advice

bikini 2

Size and looks are not the only things we should focus on. Health, vitality and an overall feeling on wellbeing is also important.

What should you start doing now?

  1. Set your goal. It doesn’t have to be weight related, measurements and health goals can be more effective and healthier in the long term. Weighing yourself daily is not a healthy habit to have. Your weight will fluctuate at different times of the month and depending on different factors.
  2. Change your habits one at a time. Drastic diets such as cleanses, very low calorie diets or severely restricted diets only work for a short term. They can, in some cases, be food for resetting habits and achieving results however, many of them use very synthetic products and are not sustainable long term. There is also a tendency for people to binge on all the foods they couldn’t have during that period of time and then any achievements are undone.
  3. The biggest mistake people make is believing that reducing overall calorie and fat intake will lead to weightloss. Changing what you’re eating and how much is the key. Counting calories, points or syns may work in the short term but what happens when you stop? The weight goes back on. Eating nutritious food and paying less attention to the calories and more attention to the nutrients is key to long term health changes. Let me explain more about what I mean:

Ultimately, nutrition is personal and what works for one does not necessarily work for another. The reasons for doing my Masters is to be able to be more specific in my recommendations through high quality tests and increased knowledge. However, finding what works for you is not as difficult as it seems. Start with changing one meal of the day for example breakfast. Swap out the cereals and replace with porridge, eggs, avocado etc. Anything fresh and real! Cut the caffeine down, reduce the alcohol, increase the water and sleep. Start the day with a glass of hot water and lemon. Work on your mindset and feel grateful for what you have. Tell yourself over and over you’re healthy and you will start making healthy choices and noticing the healthy option not just the quickest.

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